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How to contact the Traveloka Call Centre for Users

Traveloka’s call center can be very helpful for its consumers in solving a variety of issues. Traveloka itself is the largest ticket booking site in Indonesia. This is the first site to offer such services. This is because, Travacoca has started opening since 2012.

At the time, there were not many internet enthusiasts in Indonesia. The explosion of users in Indonesia itself occurred in 2013. Traveloka, which has been established, has become stronger than the newly established competitors since the incident. With its long presence, there are a lot of customers from this provider.

Of course, not all customers go smoothly while booking tickets. Some people are having a difficult time. Usually, it is enjoyed by new users. When experiencing this problem, you should contact the traveloka call center . Contacting him or her can be done in the following way.

How to contact call center from Traveloka

To communicate by phone, there is a number provided by traveloka. The number is 0804-1500-308. This contact will be open to the general public. Therefore, all issues or questions related to travel okha can be answered through this number.

You  can contact the traveloka call center at any time  because this number is active 24 hours a day. A CS is always ready to stand to meet the needs of the consumers. Of course, traveloka also adjusts the CS number during the day and night. This adjustment makes the CS number more during the day.

With a large number, you won’t wait in line for a long time when you contact him during the day. When contacting the call center, make sure you have enough credit. A minimum loan of Rs 20,000 is required. This is because this phone system is paid according to the provider you are using.

You can also contact him via landline if you want a cheaper payment. However, if credit and landline stocks are not available, you can contact us via email. The official email from traveloka itself is at address. When contacting email, the  response won’t be fast when you contact the Traveloka call center.

This is because it will take time for CS to understand your complaint and provide a response. To make things easier, it would be nice if you did the question in as much detail as possible. With this, CS will be easier to understand the chronology. But do not contact the address when you are experiencing UANGKU balance issues.

UANGKU itself is the official payment media from traveloka. But if you experience this problem, please send a message to your official UANGKU email address. The email address itself If the customer contacts Traveldoca’s CS for this issue, the customer will eventually be instructed to contact the address.

You can contact him via social media and live chat

There is another way if you are not comfortable contacting the traveloka call center using the phone or email  . The trick is to use social media. Social media itself is really suitable for indonesians to use considering its most popular use. The first social media to choose is Twitter.

Twitter is the most popular social media tool for communicating with Travoka. To communicate via Twitter, first open the app and log in first using your account. After signing in, search for the official traveloka account with @traveloka ID. If this has been detected, you can use two media to communicate.

The first medium is to use the reference feature. You can provide questions or complaints and mention @traveloka. However, this reference is very general in nature. For obstacles or issues that are very personal in nature, it is advisable to use direct messages.

A live message or DM is a feature that can be used so that you can chat privately to traveloka. In fact, Traveloka can also communicate via Facebook and Instagram. The IDs are also the same, which means @traveloka for Instagram and Traveloka for Facebook. The way to contact him  is the same.

However, neither of them allow you to chat via reference. Customers can use DM for Instagram and facebook messenger for Facebook. For the last option,  they can also contact the traveloka call center via live chat. To enter a live chat, go to the official website first.

From there, you can find a special column for live chat. Please wait a few minutes for the CS to be available to answer your question. If it becomes available, the question will be answered very quickly. That’s it, customers will have to wait a little longer so it will take time to type CS.

The request for refund of tickets can be made through the call centre.

When contacting the Traveloka Call Center, there are many services to choose from because CS is ready to deal with a variety of issues that consumers may face. However, there are call center services that are rarely known by Traveloka consumers. The service is a refund.

A refund is a refund request. This is important when you want to cancel due to sudden action, even if you are paid for a flight ticket. Traveloka itself did not complicate the process. Not only in returning flight tickets, but hotel tickets can also be done with the same thing. This refund process also does not take time.

If this process is carried out in a hotel voucher, the time it takes is about 30 days. As far as the flight voucher is concerned, the refund process is a bit lengthy. This is because it can take up to 90 days to get a refund.  When you contact  the traveloka call center to get a refund  , you will be asked a number of questions.

This question relates to personal data, booking data, and the reason for wanting a refund. Don’t misunderstand it when providing personal data and booking data. This is because the call center will not send the service if there is an error in both. It would be nice if the data were prepared in advance before contacting the CS.

There are so many issues to talk about

In addition to getting a refund, there are various questions that CS can ask. One of the most important questions related to the status of the ticket is already packed. There are some consumers who complain about the difficulty in placing an order as the time approaches. Especially if the plane is on a vacation.

Usually, the tickets are packed from a long time ago. If you experience that problem, you can contact the traveloka call center . Contacting him does not mean that you will get a ticket that could harm others. In this case, CS will provide recommendations for the best location near the destination location.

With that, you can still go to where you’re going using the land route when you’ve arrived. Usually, the CS will suggest that the target is closer. This is because the price is a little cheaper. With this, you can significantly reduce travel expenses.

Other issues such as confusion and usage errors while booking tickets may also be reported. In essence, take advantage of the presence of a call center. Do not allow existing facilities to be wasted, as you will not take advantage of them. After all, the problem of confusion that often irritates customers  will disappear by contacting the Travadoca call center.

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